Best Above Ground Pools of 2016 Reviewed

A pool is one of the most important investments in your comfort. There is nothing more relaxing than taking a bath after a long day at work, not to mention doing it everyday in the summertime. Whether you like to read a book, have some fun with your kids or spend some romantic moments with your partner, the pool is likely to become a cost efficient deal. Above ground pools are even better because they cost less and also provide a little extra safety. Scopri di più sulle scommesse sportive su questo sito italiano. Maintaining them in the best possible shape is also easier in the long run, that is why this guide going to help you find the best above ground pool for you.

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Not sure which model to choose? You are not the only one. If this is your first above ground pool, you probably have a lot of questions. Why? Where? How? What to look for? Exactly! A little education will work wonders, as you know precisely what to expect. Moreover, it does pay off to identify your necessities and expectations as well. Just like many other things, above ground pools come with all kinds of parts and features that require proper planning. Furthermore, it does pay off to pay special attention to the actual front runners and best selling products when conducting your research.

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The benefits of above ground pools are quite diversified. The low cost is probably the most important one for a lot of homeowners. Cost efficiency is not dictated by the actual price though. Sure, you will spend less if you do not have to excavate the ground or come up with any underground installations. But then, think about the longterm maintenance too. Such a pool is usually a little smaller. You need less chemicals, less equipment and less supplies to keep it cool. Heating the water on a cold day will also be cheaper.

The features are not to be overlooked either. Do not let yourself fooled by the slightly smaller size. These things have most of the features you can find in ground pools – from diving boards and fountains to actual waterfalls. Your backyard experience can be extremely diversified if you analyze all these features and figure yourself what you really need. Bather loads can also be accommodated. After all, just because above ground pools are smaller than ground pools, it does not mean that they are actually small.

Why Invest in Above Ground Pools

You will love the installation of an above ground pool. The size is smaller, so installation is a matter of time only. Forget about digging the perfect hole into the ground. Forget about an actual construction. Instead, these things are done within one day only. If you are the handy and experienced type, you can just as well spend a whole weekend on a DIY project.

Safety is another significant aspect that requires proper attention, especially if you got kids or small pets around. An above ground pool has taller walls. You cannot just step into it. Animals and kids may not always be able to get over the wall. But then, if they are tall enough to do it, it might be helpful to also install a small fence around the pool for extra protection, not to mention coverage.

Different Types

Above ground pools can be classified by more criteria. They can be private, public or specifically developed for kids. When it comes to the actual material, you got steel, aluminum and resin, among several other options. Steel has the price, as well as the solid construction and weight. Aluminum and resin can resist rust and oxidation though. Aluminum is also cheaper than resin.

Think about the actual design too. Most pools are round or square. Round pools can be oval too. Oval pools require pretty much the same amount of space, yet they provide less swimming space. Square pools are just as common, mostly because they are easier to install. After all, they do not require any angled braces.

As for the actual construction, you usually have three options – ring, frame and hard sided pools. Ring pools come with an inflatable ring on top. The ring raises as you put more water into the pool. On the other hand, frame pools are metallic and covered with liners too – usually made of vinyl. Hard sided pools are more expensive, but more durable as well.

How to Choose the Best Above Ground Pool

When shopping for one, it is very important to consider some important factors. Above the ground pool is a good investment when individuals were able to find the best one possible for them.

Here are the important things to consider when having this type of pool in a backyard.


Where to place the pool is very important. Checking if it is good for installing above ground pool is necessary so that your money won’t be put into waste when purchasing it and so that it will be safe to install it. Safety is one of the best things to consider when setting up a pool, and it can only be achieved if one takes time to check the location where it will be placed.

Choose a ground level in your backyard that has no tree roots, debris underneath, underground electric lines, or septic tanks. It is important that the area to install the pool, even it is above ground, to be flat and clean underneath. Make sure also that there are not electric wires hanging above the area or near it. As water may splash anywhere when using the pool, it is best to make the area far from electric currents to avoid accidents.

Size of the Pool

Determine the right pool size by measuring your backyard area as well. Do not get a very huge swimming pool above ground if your backyard won’t have any more space for other activities such as outdoor cooking or a few chairs.

Determine also the height of the pool you want to have. The heights of most pools are 48, 52, or 54 inches. You may opt for the tallest one if you want, especially if your kids grow fast and if there are also a lot of adults in your family. Just remember that the larger the pool is, the costlier it usually is. There are brands though that provide the best cost possible even if their pool sets are huge. Intex brand is known for affordable large pools.

Shape of the Pool

There are different shapes available for pools. They could be round, oval, or rectangular. Round pools look cute or attractive, and they are fit for kids.

The oval and rectangular pools are preferred when individuals want to do laps and play volleyball. They are also definitely expected to be large and could accommodate more people. The rectangular and oval pools are usually utilized during parties or gatherings. Kids, teens, or adults could invite people to go swimming in their backyard or to just relax in the water.


There are high-end pools, and there are also mid-grade, and low-end or economy. If you intend to use it for a long time, opt for high-end pools because they don’t have added support such as steel frames and poles which usually consume more space. Also, high-end pools are mostly costly because of their construction built.

High-end pools also last for many years, such as ten years or more. The mid-grade pools can also last long, especially if they are taken care of properly. The economy or cheap pools can last up to five years, although there are also a lot of individuals who could make some pool sets last for more than that.

What to Look for in Above Ground Pools

The size and weight are probably the most important things to consider in a pool. Get in touch with the local zoning board if you are not sure about the requirements. There are some regulations and safety standards that you should respect. Once you got these, get some rope and come up with the shape and size on the ground, then let your imagination go wild with an imaginary pool. Most pools start at 12′ and grow in 3′ increments. Larger is usually better.

The height is just as important. Until a few years ago, most pools came with a standard height – 48”. Today, you can find slightly taller pools too. Keep in mind that you cannot fill them up with water to that limit. Instead, you will probably have to leave about 6”.

Think about decking and fencing too. Some pools come with this extra package. It is a safety measure that no homeowner should overlook. This is not only a matter of protection, but also a highly indicated safety measure, especially if you got kids and pets around.

Finally, think about the budget as well. You cannot spend more than what you have. But if your budget is generous, you should certainly get the largest pool that you can legally install in your backyard. More is better than less in this field.

Most Popular Features

Pool heaters are ideal if you want to gain as much as possible from your above ground pool. This way, you can delay the inevitable closing of your pool in the fall or just early on a spring day. You also gain the possibility to extend the pool season with up to a month or two. If you live in a warm climate, the pool can be kept open all year round.

Fountains and waterfalls are worth some attention too, especially if you got kids. As an adult, you may not get too entertained when seeing these things, yet they can become the focal points of the pool. They add to the feeling of relaxation though.

Lighting might be another handy feature in an above ground pool. Some lights can be installed on the walls, while others can float on top of water. Underwater lights are just as handy. They are inexpensive to purchase and run too.

Consider a winter cover, especially if you got plenty of trees around or you live close to a crowded road. Trees leave a lot of debris and dust during the fall season, while roads will inevitably bring dust into your pool. The winter cover is also good for cold climates, not to mention extra protection against curious kids and pets.

10 Best Above Ground Pools of 2016

Here are the best above ground pool sets to choose from. They are listed down because of their quality, design, comfort, and price. The safety features of the pools were also taken into account as kids are usually the most excited and the most frequent users of these units.

Intex Rectangular Ultra Frame Pool Set

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This is one of the most popular choices among consumers from different states because of its quality and durability. It is best for different water sports activities and for lap swimmers.

The Intex pool set is supported with metal beams and joints that are designed to be one hundred percent rust-resistant. Its filter pump can accommodate up to 2800 gph or gallons per hour. To avoid dusts or leaves falling into the pool when not in use, it also features a protective cover.

Having the Intex pool is like having a real swimming pool because of its functionality and size. It even has a pool ladder so individuals could really have fun going into it, refreshing themselves, and beating the summer heat.

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Intex Oval Frame Pool

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This is a mid-grade pool that is also loved by many consumers. It can accommodate up to six people, and assembling it is very easy. It includes snap-on joints that can be installed without the use of any tools, and these joints are also rust-proof. They are designed this way because people definitely easily get turned-off by rusts.

Also, the oval above ground pool includes a drain plug that can be attached to a normal garden hose. This helps a lot in draining the water in the pool easily and conveniently.

How much water can the pool filter accommodate? It could accommodate up to 1000 gallons per hour. The pool also includes a ladder, so it would really be comfortable to go into the pool and enjoy the water under the heat of the sun or even at night.

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Intex Round Metal Frame Swimming Pool

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For a sturdier swimming pool, the Intex round metal frame set is the perfect setup. It is a mid-grade pool as well, but it is quite sturdier compared to inflatable pool sets. It is also simple to install or construct, and it has an instruction DVD to provide one hundred percent guidance to its first-time users.

The metal frame pool is durable, and many customers have been using this for more than ten years now. It can also be taken down easily during cold seasons or winter months. The pool comes in different sizes, and the options could be 12×30, 15×42, 15×48, 18×48, and 24×52. The pool includes a ladder, pool cover, and ground cloth.

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Splash Pools Oval Package

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This is a premium or high-end pool that costs some money, so be prepared to shell more than a thousand dollars when purchasing this one. It is a great investment though because it has a sturdy or durable built. It can accommodate large families, so it is perfect for special occasions such as family reunions, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

This can also be utilized when hosting some parties with friends or neighbours. It brings a very delightful experience to groups of people, and it helps a lot in letting the party host save a lot of money. Potluck parties can be organized, and everyone experiences fun and adventure.

The Splash oval pool needs a some hands to be set up, so it is best to ask the help of friends or family members when you are going to have one. It is definitely huge, although there are different sizes to choose from as well – 30×15, 33×18, or 45×18.

The pool has an elegant and modern A frame ladder, a unique and state-of-the-art sand filtration system, and a wide mouth skimmer. It can be a permanent fixture, and it is an adorable sight in any backyard space.

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Bestway 12753 Steel Pro Frame Pool

[easyazon_link identifier=”B00OX5BC82″ locale=”US” tag=”abovegroundfun-20″]Bestway 12753 Steel Pro Frame Pool[/easyazon_link]

This is a round pool that has a radius of 18 feet and a height of 52 inches. It is one of affordable above ground pools in the market, but it is made of high quality parts. It is supported with a three-ply band so that it could withstand the jumping, splashing and other rapid movements of the kids.

The pool is also supported with frames and connectors that are rust-resistant so that it looks presentable anytime and anywhere.

What are the advantages of this pool set over other brands? For one, setting it up is a breeze. Anyone can install the fittings and lock them in place effortlessly. Right after purchasing the pool, individuals could utilize it in a few hours in the backyard or in the patio area.

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Embassy Above Ground Pool

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Just like the Splash pool package, this is also a premium or high-end one. It is made up of baked enamel steel though, so it is definitely a high quality unit. The copper components are also galvanized so that the pool will never rust even after many years of utilizing. You could witness and attest to it to last for many years because of this wonderful setup.

The Embassy round pool can accommodate up to six people, and it can hold up to fifteen thousand gallons of water. Thus, it is quite not easy to set up, so the help of other individuals in installing it is a must.

The pool includes a 52” ladder, sand filter, blue pool liner, skimmer, and 1hp PR Omega filter. These make the most of the most functional and reliable round above ground pools. It also appears elegant in every backyard space. It creates an inviting atmosphere to every family member and guests.

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Blue Wave Rugged Steel Swimming Pool

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This pool is integrated with a fifteen-year warranty. It is made of super strong steel construction, so it is one hundred percent durable and reliable. It also features a functional skimmer to make the pool clean at all times.

The largest size available for this type of pool is 24×52. Despite its size and construction built, it is one of the easiest pools to set up. The instructions are provided when purchasing this unit, and they are very simple to understand. It can be set up in an unused garden or in a open backyard.

Other things included in purchasing the swimming pool are pump, sand filter, and ladder.

The Blue Wave pool is quite costly, but its quality can never be contested. So if one prioritizes quality the most, the Blue Wave pool is really a must-have item.

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Intex Easy Set Pool

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This is an inflatable pool which is perfect for budget-conscious individuals but who still want to provide a lot of fun for their kids or their family. It includes a maintenance kit, ground cloth, pool cover, ladder, barrier, surface skimmer, and instructional DVD.

The pool can also be stored easily in garages or in other areas when not in use. Setting it up takes less than an hour, and kids and adults can soak in water anytime they want. For individuals who want to try cheap above ground pools for sale before investing in premium types, this is a good find. They could experience a fun swim and will be encouraged to buy a larger one at a later time.

How much water can the pool hold? It has a maximum capacity of 1,485 gallons. The side walls of the unit are laminated to hold this much amount of water or to be extra durable.

The Intex easy set pool also weighs just 33 pounds, so it is very convenient to carry or move around and assemble. On a flat ground, place the pool, fill it with some water, and everyone could go in and enjoy summer in the best way possible.

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Bestway Pro Round Frame Pool Set

[easyazon_link identifier=”B002ZVOXE6″ locale=”US” tag=”abovegroundfun-20″]Bestway 12-Foot By 30-Inch Steel Pro Round Frame Pool Set[/easyazon_link]

It is 30” in height and 12′ in diameter. It comes with a filter cartridge, as well as a 330 gallon filter pump. The flow control drain valve is highly efficient, while the heavy duty PVC kit is durable. A repair kit is also included for unexpected situations.

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Intex 15 x 42 Metal Frame Pool Set

[easyazon_link identifier=”B00B9DQTNY” locale=”US” tag=”abovegroundfun-20″]Intex 15 x 42 Metal Frame Pool Set[/easyazon_link]

It is a complete kit that includes a pump, filter, ladder, ground cover and pool cover. You can install it yourself, as it comes with a detailed DVD. It can hold up to 3,861 gallons of water and can be filled within minutes only.

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An above ground pool is certainly an efficient way to enhance your backyard, add to your comfort and even improve your hot summer days. Forget about spending money on pools, but bring the pool to your own backyard instead. Results are both spectacular and cost efficient. Let us know if you have find out the best above ground pool for you.

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