Oval Above Ground Pool Reviews – 2015’s Best Oval Above Ground Pools

Above ground pools have become some of the most popular choices in terms of backyard landscaping. They are more cost efficient, but also easier to install and update when needed. After all, it is not like you have to dig any holes in the backyard. In fact, many of these pools can be thoroughly installed in DIY projects as well.

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When it comes to the actual shape, you have more choices. Oval above ground pools seem to be quite attractive. They are likely to become the most popular option in today’s backyards. Just like any other design, they got both pros and cons too. But then, what exactly should you know before deciding?

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Benefits of Oval Above Ground Pools

Plenty of people choose oval above ground pools due to the limited space. Basically, they might have all kinds of design elements that force them to choose this option – fences, power lines, trees and so on. Other than that, if you or someone in your family enjoys lap swimming, this solution is more comfortable due to the higher length. Make sure that you thoroughly support the long sides of the pool though.

Most of these models come with lateral supports. Supports can be both visible and invisible. Visible supports are based on some small triangles going on the outside of the pool. Invisible supports gain more and more popularity lately because of the cleaner profile.

Finally, plenty of people choose the oval design for being traditional. Round pools look childish and more appropriate for kids. Rectangular pools are quite large and popular too, yet the round ones contribute to the lines of your home.

Things to Consider in Oval Above Ground Pools

Never overlook the size when buying an oval above ground pool. How do you choose the right size then? There are two possibilities. Sometimes, you have to think about your most common activities in the pool. If you like swimming laps or playing specific games, you might need a long pool. The longer it is, the more wall bracing it requires. If you just look for a small thing to relax with your partner or kids after a day at work, a small pool is excellent.

Pool maintenance is another important consideration. If it is too complicated, chances are you will overlook it at some point or another. Pay attention to the maintenance features in the package too – from pool filtration systems to vacuums or chemicals.

Features to Look for in Oval Above Ground Pools

There are plenty of features to look for in above ground pools. Some of them are actually required for a good functionality and maintenance, while others are random bells and whistles. For example, a cover is mandatory. It has several purposes. First, it can retain the heat. Second, it will prevent debris and dirt from getting into your pool when not in use. Without a cover, maintenance would not just get harder, but you would also risk clogging the filters.

Ladders and stairs are important in oval above ground pools as well. This type of pool is not set in a hole in the ground, so you need to actually climb over its edges in order to get in. This is what makes the necessity of stairs obvious, especially when it comes to kids.

What to Avoid in Oval Above Ground Pools

There are so many bells and whistles in oval above ground pools that you seriously have to consider your needs before spending money. For example, think about the water when considering the materials. Simply put, a salt system will not work along with all materials. If you choose this system, avoid steel pool. Instead, you will need resin.

Avoid installing the pool if the ground is not thoroughly leveled though. Sure, it might look straight when you step on it or check it out, but you will be surprised by how many angled levels you will find in there if you use a professional measuring device. Instead, this place must be perfectly leveled. If you hire a professional for this task, they probably know what to do. When you do it yourself, you better be careful.

Top 5 Oval Above Ground Pools

Splash Pools Above Ground Slim Style Oval Pool Package

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It is excellent for some entertainment every once in a while. This pool measures 30 feet in length and 15 feet in width. As for the depth, it goes to 52 inches. It is ideal for both kids and grownups. Getting in and out will not be too complicated, as it has a classic A shaped frame resin ladder. The ladder has a safety barrier as well.

The vinyl liner is rated to face all kinds of weather. The 20 gauge design can easily resist cold winter temperatures too. Moreover, this pool has a standard through-the-wall skimmer design. It seems safe and easy to install – even for a DIY enthusiast. But then, as long as there is water involved, make sure that you keep an eye on kids or pets. Parental supervision is needed, as well as some extra protection.

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Blue Wave Samoan Oval 52 Inch Above Ground Pool

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It is currently one of the most professional oval above ground pool on the market. This model has just the right features to make your life more appealing in the backyard. Basically, you got the optimal depth of 52 inches. Parental supervision is highly indicated if you leave the kids inside. If you also have pets around, you might consider some extra protection, such as a locked fence. The pool measures 24 feet in length and 12 feet in width – quite enough for small families to relax and play some games.

The long side of the pool comes with a few supports. They are classic and visible, but they will not necessarily affect the appearance. Other technical specifications include the eight top rail with a wide mouth skimmer. Altogether, the pool weighs 475 pounds. Installing it yourself is not too hard with a little experience.

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Splash Pools Above Ground Oval Pool Package

[easyazon_link identifier=”B003JFKNEQ” locale=”US” tag=”abovegroundfun-20″]Splash Pools Above Ground Oval Pool Package, 33-Feet By 18-Feet By 52-Inch

It respects the same standard in terms of depth though – 52 inches. This has been a common depth in pools for many years. As for other sizing standards, it comes with 33 feet in length and 18 feet in width. It can easily accommodate a decently sized family with no issues at all. You do not have to worry too much about the maintenance either. Worried that this pool might get clogged? The sand filter has 1HP – more than enough to keep it perfectly running overtime.

The safety barrier is not missing either, not to mention the classic A shaped frame resin ladder, which is a common feature in most models coming from Splash Pools. Other than that, you got an all weather 20 gauge vinyl liner – count the traditional through-the-wall skimmer too. Despite being safe and comfortable, this pool does require protection and parental supervision when kids go inside.

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Heritage TA 451852GP-DXP Taos Complete Above Ground Pool

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It comes with a strong and durable ledge. It is entirely made of seven inch galvanized steel. It is also coated for a more attractive appearance. It comes with a vinyl overlap liner too – the Perma 25 Series all weather model. Plus, the swirl print bottom adds to the overall convenience.

This oval above ground pool measures 45 feet in length, as well as 18 feet in width. The height is classic – 52 inches. Given this height, it comes with a resin ladder too. The ladder is designed with heavy duty purposes. It has two helpful systems for protection – the flip up anti-entry staircase and the anti-entrapment barrier. The pool also has two 22 inch sand filters, as well as a decent 1.5HP motor. The motor’s safety twist lock plug makes it quite convenient.

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Oval Above Ground Swimming Pool Solar Sun Dome Cover Heater Sundome

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It is more than just the classic oval above ground pool. In fact, it can be used year round due to the capability to convert into an indoor pool. It can be an outdoor one when the weather permits it and an indoor one when it gets cold. Apart from extending the season, it also uses the solar energy to heat the water and to keep the air temperature under control. Forget about huge energy bills. The mobile dome also works on the maintenance, as you no longer need to take all kinds of leaves out.

Installing the pool should not take more than four or five hours. Taking it down is just as simple. The extra dome is intuitive and comes with one door and three windows.

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As a short final conclusion, oval above ground pools can certainly enhance your backyard. It is up to you to choose the right one for your needs, so make precise measurements and pay attention to the features and potential improvements in the long run. Making a good choice is not hard, yet it demands a little attention. The same goes for the installation.

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