Round Above Ground Pool Reviews – 2015’s Best Round Above Ground Pools

Purchasing an above ground pool is an excellent choice for your backyard. You can install it yourself with a friend, but you can just as well move it around whenever you feel like. Forget about digging large holes and spending a few days with your backyard turned into a building yard. There is nothing more annoying than that.

However, above ground pools are available in more shapes and sizes. When it comes to the shape, plenty of people opt for the round above ground pool. Normally, it depends on your available space. However, it is a known fact that round pools provide more space to swim. Now, what else should you know about them?

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Benefits of Round Above Ground Pools

Round above ground pools are just space efficient. Although you can get a round pool and an oval pool with the same surface one close to another, the round one will provide a more spacious experience. This is one of the reasons wherefore so many people choose the round design. Other than that, it is not as common as the traditional one. Oval and square pools look a little traditional. When you want something new, even the shape will help you out.

Consider the installation and maintenance too. You might need a friend to help you install an oval pool, but you can handle the round one yourself – if you are a little experienced. It costs less too. It looks clean and tidy. After all, oval pools need some extra support for the long sides. The round one does not.

Things to Consider in Round Above Ground Pools

Size and location are the most important things in getting a round above ground pool. Without these things, you will never be able to take full advantage of the pool. Location should be accessible and actually visible from the house. You need full sunshine, only to keep the water warm. Do not install the pool beneath a tree though, as it will reduce the sunlight, but it will also make maintenance harder. However, having some trees or bushes around the pool might work like a barrier during windy days.

Make sure that the place is perfectly leveled before the installation too. If you are not 100% sure, you might need to call a professional for this part. Do not overlook the maintenance either – easier is less frustrating. Harder will just keep you too busy.

Features to Look for in Round Above Ground Pools

Apart from a cover for maintenance and wintertime protection, ladders and stairs are just as handy. These features are obvious though, so they may sometimes come with the actual package. Fencing does not. Fencing is ideal to guarantee for safety standards around the pool. Do you have kids? How about pets? An improperly protected pool can become a fatal weapon in your backyard, so be careful about it. If you opt for a fence, it should be protected with a lock, but also tall enough.

Now, how about some pool floats? These things are not related to the safety standards or security. Instead, they are meant to make life in the pool easier. Time in the pool is supposed to be fun and relaxing. You can find mats, rafts, tubes and loungers. You can even read while relaxing on an inflatable mattress, not to mention taking a nap.

What to Avoid in Round Above Ground Pools

If maintenance will be a nightmare, you should certainly avoid such an above ground pool. No one wants to spend too much time clearing the water and cleaning the pool. At some point, you will not even feel like doing it anymore. Therefore, if this pool does not have a pool filtration system, you should avoid it. Pay attention though, as some units might have adjacent tools and equipment for sale independently.

Learn what it takes to make the difference between useful features and completely worthless bells and whistles. Sure, bells and whistles look fun at a first glance, but they are not. In fact, they only add to the price, while you will stop using them after a while.

Finally, it is worth noting that an unleveled ground will not be able to perfectly accommodate a round above ground pool, so avoid installing it before leveling the place.

Top 5 Round Above Ground Pools

BestWay Power Steel Frame Swimming Pool Set Round Above Ground

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It is both simple and efficient – a pretty rare combination in above ground pools. Basically, it measures 16 feet in diameter, as well as 48 inches in height. The installation is piece of cake. You can do it yourself, yet having a friend nearby might pay off. It only takes a few hours anyway. The metallic frames are rust resistant – quite important in metallic parts exposed to water. As for the side walls, they are mostly made of heavy duty PVC and polyester. Side walls come with a three plying system. Keeping the legs in the original position will not be too hard. This model has a reinforced rope. It must be wrapped around the bottom part of the pool liner. Its main goal is to ensure that the legs remain in exactly the same position.

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Intex 12ft x 30in Deep Metal Frame Pool With Filter Pump #28212

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It mentions its measurements in the title. It is certainly an appealing choice for small families – with or without kids. With 12 feet in diameter, this sizing standard is excellent to accommodate everyone. The height goes up to 30 inches – you can also keep it lower if your kids are too short. It depends on your personal preferences though. Installing this pool is piece of cake. No tools are required. The frame is properly locked with some pins, which are easy to snap. The water capacity is usually given at 90% of the wall height – 1,718 gallons. As for the filter pump, you can leave yourself in good hands. It is included in the package and comes with a 530 gallon pump. What else can you ask for?

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Bestway 12 Ft Steel Frame Pool Set

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It is one of the most popular choices over the Internet for a few reasons. First, it is probably the largest 12 foot pool available on the market. It measures 12 feet in diameter, as well as 48 inches in depth. Second, it is extremely simple to install. You do not have to be a genius to complete this DIY project. After all, it also comes with a free installation DVD. It might be worth having a friend nearby though. Another good news is that it comes with a weather cover, as well as a ground cloth. All these things contribute to its stability. The ladder makes jumping in a breeze, not to mention going out. Take it away if you got kids or pets around, but also keep it protected and covered when not around.

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Intex Sequoia Spirit Wood grain Metal Frame Round Pool

Intex Sequoia Spirit Wood grain Metal Frame Round Pool

It is highly indicated if you want both quality and good looks. It is 53 inches in depth, but it also measures 18 feet in diameter. The beautiful and wooden appearance is the first thing to draw your attention. You can see the wood grain, but you can also feel like in one of those luxurious spas. On a different note, this type of construction is known to be more durable and solid, so it can take more abuse. The package comes with the patented Intex sand filter pump. It has an outstanding flow rate for a residential small pool – 9,546 liters. Plus, the pool comes with a ground cloth that goes under its design, a cover to protect it against dirt, debris and animals, as well as a fancy ladder to get inside without any hassle at all.

Bestway 15ft Steel Frame Pool Set Filter Pump, Cover, Ladder & Maintenance Kit

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It can seriously enrich your summers. This type of pool is great for small groups of kids, not to mention families. It has 15 feet in diameter, so it is large enough to accommodate more people and even allow some games. When it comes to its height, it goes to 36 inches – around the waist of an adult and the chest of kid. It does not mean that you cannot really relax as an adult. Even if you want this pool for you and your partner, you do not have to stand in it, but sit down and enjoy a drink. The 90% capacity counts 12,627 liters. As for its strength and durability, you should know that it is triple layered. The maintenance kit and cartridge filter make maintenance a breeze.

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As a short final conclusion, choosing the right above ground pool is not the hardest thing in the world if you do your homework. Just find out more about these models, know what to expect and research the best selling products out there. Only then you can finally make a final decision.

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