Square Above Ground Pool Reviews – 2015’s Best Square Above Ground Pools

Above ground pools represent some of the latest innovations in today’s industry. They come with a series of benefits, but most importantly, they are inexpensive and less hassling on the installation. Forget about digging huge holes, but just level the ground a little and install the pool yourself. You might need a couple of friends to help you out, but it is only a matter of hours.

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When not sure about the perfect pool, you will find all kinds of shapes and sizes. Some of them are standard, such as the general depths. Some others are more individualized. The square above ground pool is among the most common choices these days. When compared to a classic round one, it obviously provides more choices and extra space. Keep in mind that the surface is pretty much the same, yet you also gain the corners, which is what makes this model so appreciated. Now, what else should you know about it?

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Benefits of Square Above Ground Pools

A square above ground pool may not provide too much freedom in terms of curves and design, but it does have its benefits too. From this point of view, covering it becomes way easier. You can find standard sizes out there. They are easy to install and obviously more efficient. The same goes for small constructions around the pools, especially if you want to extend the swimming session. It is hard to build one of those around a teardrop pool though. You need to respect shapes and proportions. Such constructions will also cost a lot. When the design is simple, results are just more cost efficient.

Finally, the actual appearance seems to provide more swimming space too, but it also offers a clean appearance. This is one of the main reasons wherefore so many people prefer these designs.

Things to Consider in Square Above Ground Pools

Apart from the actual location and size, it does pay off to consider the materials your pool is made of. These things are normally made of vinyl liners, as well as some framework. The framework is designed to support the pool and may come from more materials. Steel is extremely durable, but heavier than aluminum. It is also stronger. Resin pools are just as attractive. They cost more, but the good news is that they never corrode, so maintenance is way simpler.

Double check the local regulations. Sometimes, you might experience limitations in the pool size or perhaps its depth. Some above ground pools will also require permits prior to the construction, so become familiar with local laws upfront.

Do not overlook the actual equipment and features coming with the above ground square pool, but make the difference between useful features and random bells and whistles.

Features to Look for in Square Above Ground Pools

Pay special attention to the pump and filter, but also consider the most common features in a square above ground pool. A heater becomes an excellent choice. Otherwise, you may not necessarily be able to bath in the morning or the evening, not even during the summertime. It depends on the climate. The heater makes the pool more efficient and extends the swimming season.

As the pool requires maintenance, a cleaner is mandatory too. Automatic cleaners do not demand too much work. They can vacuum pretty much everything, from small dust to large leaves. It does pay off to get a pool cover as well. After all, prevention is better than maintenance.

In terms of maintenance, a salt system will also balance the pH and make cleaning easier. It is probably the safest alternative to chlorine.

What to Avoid in Square Above Ground Pools

There are plenty of mistakes people make when looking for a square above ground pool. For example, many of them do not buy it with their actual needs and purposes in mind. In this industry, larger is not necessarily better. Maintenance will be more challenging, but also more expensive.

Do not buy with the cost in mind, but with the operational cost first. Why? Simple! Many pools look cheap at a first glance, but they become more expensive when you have to buy the additional accessories. Ladders, stairs, filters and skimmers are said to be essential. Their costs might surprise you a bit, hence the importance to see the bigger image upfront.

Finally, safety is never to be overlooked. Safety comes first in every aspect. Be even more careful and come up with special safety features if you got kids or pets around.

Top 5 Square Above Ground Pools

Intex 24Ft X 12Ft X 52In Ultra Frame Pool Set

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It is designed to be strong and reliable. It comes with a superior frame made of steel. In order to prevent corrosion, the manufacturer has also powder coated the frame. The installation DVD makes it a breeze. As for the water capacity, it goes up to 8,403 gallons – 90%. Some of the main accessories include a ladder, dust cover, maintenance kit, volleyball, ground cloth, saltwater system and filter pump. It has laminated sidewalls made of PVC, as well as a convenient rain plug. The improved water circulation guarantees for clear and clean water.

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Premium Intex 16’x32’x52″ Ultra Frame Rectangular Above ground Swimming Pool

[easyazon_link identifier=”B00ZAQVOUE” locale=”US” tag=”abovegroundfun-20″]Premium Intex 16x32x52 Ultra Frame Rectangular Above ground Swimming Pool[/easyazon_link]

It comes with a unique design. While it is rectangular, the construction is sturdier than in other similar models, as well as easier to install. Frames are powder coated to face corrosion and rust. On the other hand, the PVC liner carries the ToughTM quality standards. The PVC is less likely to be damaged by salt, oil or gasoline. Sunlight and impact will not affect it either. As for the accessories, you got everything included in the package – volleyball, installation DVD, ground cloth, maintenance kit, sand filter system, cover and ladder.

In terms of sizing standards, this pool measures 16×32 feet. As for its depth, it goes to 52 inches. The water capacity at 90% is 14,364 liters, so it is pretty large and allows all kinds of activities. It is worth noting that the sand filter system has a salt chlorine generator, so maintenance should be a breeze.

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PRO Series Rectangular Metal Frame Swimming Pool Package

[easyazon_link identifier=”B00BGG9F1M” locale=”US” tag=”abovegroundfun-20″]PRO Series Rectangular Metal Frame Swimming Pool Package[/easyazon_link]

It measures 9×18 feet. It is ideal for small families, as well as small groups of friends. It allows all kinds of water entertainment, including games. The pool comes with a metallic frame, as well as a solid support system. The pool bracing system is seriously improved and can add to the overall stability. The design is not just stable, but it can also face the test of time. Those who cannot get in will be glad to use a solid A frame ladder. The ladder comes with a safety barrier inside the pool too.

The Skimmer Plus filtration system adds to the pool maintenance. Plus, the package includes a pool cover too. Use it to protect it against dust and debris, but remember that it is not rated to be a safety cover.

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Coleman 18′ x 9′ x 48″ Power Steel Rectangular Frame Above Ground Swimming Pool

[easyazon_link identifier=”B01064YU3M” locale=”US” tag=”abovegroundfun-20″]Coleman 18 x 9 x 48 Power Steel Rectangular Frame Above Ground Swimming Pool[/easyazon_link]

It comes with the perfect sizing proportions for families, groups of friends or even couples. Sure, it might feel a little large for just a few people, but it provides just the optimal fun and entertainment without feeling too crowded. At 90%, the water capacity is rated at 14,812 liters. The design is sturdy and reliable. It comes with metal frames that can face rust, as well as tough PVC and polyester sidewalls. Sidewalls come with triple layered polyester for extra durability. The bottom is strengthened with belt wraps for a proper position.

The pool comes with flow control connectors, as well as a drain valve. Connections take seconds only, while draining is piece of cake. The package is complete – maintenance kit, pool cover, filter pump, ladder, repair patch and ground cloth. A DVD with instructions is also included.

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Intex Rectangular Ultra Frame Pool Set

[easyazon_link identifier=”B00AA8AB92″ locale=”US” tag=”abovegroundfun-20″]Intex Rectangular Ultra Frame Pool Set[/easyazon_link]

It measures 18×9 feet and comes with an impressive water capacity of 4,545 gallons. The sand filter pump goes up to 1,200 gallons. The package also comes with a ground cloth, as well as a pool cover for maintenance. The ladder is not to be overlooked either. From many points of view, this pool is a more luxurious model due to the modern appearance, as well as the improved strength.

The installation is fairly simple. The ground must be leveled. Assemble the frame then. It is a matter of hours only. When it comes to clearing water, the draining plug can fit a traditional garden hose. Therefore, you can get rid of the water away from the actual pool area.

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As a short final conclusion, purchasing a rectangular or square above ground pool is not a challenge if you pay attention to some small details. It is imperative to make sure that you purchase it with your actual necessities in mind. Make sure that you know what you need, then check the best selling products in commerce to get an idea about what to expect.

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