Hayward SP1540C Pool Pump Review

Above ground pools gain more and more popularity lately, mostly because of the wide plethora of benefits over in ground pools. You do not need an expert to install them, but just a little ambition. As for the price, they can be a few times cheaper. Think about portability as well. But then, you better do your homework.

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Despite all these benefits, not all above ground pools come with the right parts. Plus, some parts are rated to be consumables. The pump is most likely the most frustrating one. Plenty of users replace it once it stops working. Many others do it even earlier. They want an upgrade, but also fresher and cleaner water.

There are so many above ground pool pumps out there that you barely know what to choose first. Some models do make the difference though. Hayward SP1540C Power-Flo LX Series 40 GPM Pool Pump is among the top sellers, but also one of the best rated pumps over the Internet. Then, what are the most important features to know about?

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Above ground pool pumps tend to be quite limited in life, but this model comes with an impressive durability. This seems to be the main element people look for. From this point of view, it has a unique corrosion proof permaglass XL housing. It can perform flawlessly under all weather conditions. Forget about extra maintenance during the wintertime. This unit cares for itself. The tough cover keeps the inside in the best possible shape and maintains the performance at a constant level.

Simple Installation

Almost everything related to above ground pools is easy to install, including the pool itself. When it comes to pumps, not all of them carry the same standards though. Luckily, this unit does not require a professional. You do not need to spend money and hire someone else to do it, but do it yourself. The owner’s manual is quite detailed, yet the installation itself is intuitive anyway. If you feel like, just call a friend over for an extra hand. It weighs 22 pounds, so it is easy to handle.

Optimal Performance

With 40GPM, Hayward’s pump is likely to support both middle sized and slightly larger pools. If you have a small pool, results are even better. The pump operates quietly, so it is less likely to ruin your experience. Other specifications worth being mentioned include the voltage – 115V – and the hertz – 60Hz.

Features and Specifications of Hayward SP1540C

  • Weighs 22 pounds
  • 40GPM
  • Corrosion proof permaglass XL housing
  • Can work under all weather conditions
  • Silent operation
  • 115V voltage
  • 60Hz

Customer Reviews and Scores of Hayward SP1540C

This pump has over 25 reviews. Up to 73% of all buyers rate it to be perfect or almost perfect. Overall, it scores 4 out of 5 stars, so it can easily rank among the superior above ground pool pumps. A happy buyer says that “I have a 13,500 gallon pool and this pump works perfectly – great upgrade!”

  • “this pump runs like a champ. My previous one didn’t feel too powerful, so I needed this upgrade. Now I know what crystal clear water looks like!”
  • “Maybe it’s just me, but this pool pump doesn’t feel too consistent. Sometimes it feels quite powerful. In other cases, it seems quite low.”

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In the end, Hayward SP1540C Power-Flo LX Series 40 GPM Pool Pump becomes a reliable choice for above ground pools.

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