Waterway Above Ground Pool Pump Review

Above ground pools represent a trend these days. They are more popular than ever due to their cost efficiency, simple installation and portability. However, in the attempt to improve their backyards overnight, plenty of homeowners fail to consider all the elements and features in such pools.

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Some of their parts are not always in the best possible condition. Some others are just good enough to support the pool, but they are rated to be consumables. There is also the situation when many homeowners just want a little more from their new above ground pools, so they consider an upgrade within weeks only.

As the pump is usually the main part responsible for such things, you can find plenty of alternatives on the market. 2 HP 2-Speed 3450/1725 RPM, 115 Volts Above Ground Pool Pump – Waterway is probably one of the best choices out there – powerful, stable and extremely reliable. Now, what are the most important things to know about it?

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Low Maintenance Requirements

A pump that demands too much maintenance will eventually fail at some point or another. Why? Simple! It becomes so frustrating to do it too frequently that you will stop. Fortunately, this unit is different. It makes maintenance a breeze, only because you do not have to do it too often. It comes with a debris basket that gathers together all the dust and particles around your pool. The good news is that this basket is pretty large, so it does not require frequent emptying. Plus, it has a transparent cover, so you know precisely when to do it, without making any wild guesses.

Power And Efficiency

Waterway’s pump does know what it takes to provide a clear and clean water for your pool. It is among the best rated above ground pool pumps in commerce due to the 2HP – quite impressive for its segment. Plus, it has two speeds and runs at 115V 60Hz. Changing speeds is pretty simple. You have a switch hidden on the bottom of the motor cover. It is useless to get the highest speed if you do not need it, so just figure your necessities first.


It is pointless to get an above ground pool pump if you know that it will not resist for too long. This one is a bit different because it cares for itself. Many pumps quit due to being overloaded, but not this one. It comes with an automatic overload protection. Therefore, even if you fail to properly take care of it, there are no risks at all.

Features and Specifications of Waterway

  • 2 HP
  • Two speeds
  • 115V, 60Hz
  • Speed switch is on the bottom part of the motor cover
  • Cord measures three feet
  • NEMA 3 prong plug included
  • Wet end can be rotated
  • Large debris basket
  • Debris basket has a transparent cover
  • Automatic overload protection

Customer Reviews and Scores of Waterway

With 35 reviews, Waterway’s above ground pool pump is a good seller. Plus, it scores 4.4 out of 5 stars too. A buyer claims that “this pump is probably the best upgrade for my pump.”

  • “It sounds weird, but I’m happy that my old pump gave up.”

  • “Installation is quick if you got some experience, otherwise, it becomes quite frustrating.”

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In the end, 2 HP 2-Speed 3450/1725 RPM, 115 Volts Above Ground Pool Pump – Waterway will most likely impress you with its innovative features over classic and default pumps.

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